Finance and Administration

The ability to manage expenses and administrative processes with accountability, efficiency and transparency, is essential for the reputation and long-term sustainability and growth of Environmental Funds. While this sounds straight-forward, Environmental Funds face complicated issues of currency conversion and tracking, indirect cost rate calculations, and procurement restrictions from donors that often require high levels of financial sophistication.

Operations Manual: much of their experience and wisdom in evolving appropriate processes are contained in Operations Manuals which explain the Funds’ administrative processes so that staff, partner organizations, and donors, understand how money can be committed, spent, and tracked to ensure effectiveness and compliance. Given that laws change, donor guidelines vary, and new efficiencies are found, Operations Manuals are usually updated when Funds need to incorporate changes or sign new contracts. This big section covers it all, including sections on procurement, human resources, and financial administration. So, read through the documents' indexes to find what you are searching for.

Human Resources Tools: this section includes tools such as human resource manuals; job descriptions; and consultant Terms of References (ToRs).

Financial Tools: this section includes accounting manuals, procurement policies, financial reports and audit statements.

Additional resources on Finance and Administration are provided, but another important reference is donor requirements.